For Manufacturers only. Outdoor products only.

We appreciate your consideration when selecting our organization to test and review your products. Our research and development team will test your product thoroughly for the use that it was intended. When our tests are complete, we will provide you with our review and place the review on our website.

All products that pass our tests will receive the DIVA Approved seal.

With members across the globe, women seek our opinions on products that are used in the outdoors. The DIVA website is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to reach their target demographic with little effort, but with great potential reward.

Fill in the form below and our Research and Development team will contact you with the information you'll need to ship your product for testing.

  • Product Information

  • Include trademark or registration marks if applicable.
  • If you have multiple, or many dealers, provide as many as you can, or a link to your site where they are listed. We are based in Dallas, and will select one closest to us.
  • If no, we submit all field tested products for raffle items at our clinics and events. Depending on the nature of the item, we may use it for training purposes, or to service our equipment.
  • If you have specific tests, or scenarios, you wish for us to do like drop testing, or certain number of shots fired, please list them here.

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