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DIVA’s in the Field

The DIVA Research and Development Team beta tests new products for manufacturers related to all aspects of the outdoors. From ammo to zippers, we thoroughly test, use, and hit the field with every product to see how well it works for women in the field. Whether it’s hunting gear, ammo, triggers, gun cases or cleaners, we beta test products from manufacturers nationwide.

To submit your products to the DIVA WOW Research and Development Team, submit your application online, and our R&D Director will contact you to get started.

What We Need to Get Started

  • one to five samples of your product to distribute to our team members
  • products should be of interest to women in the outdoors
  • new or prototype products can be field tested
  • if you have specific areas or functions you want us to test, include instructions in your paperwork upon submittal

We are here to help you. Detailed instructions on product usage, information packets, brochures, logos, and corporate info are mandatory before we begin a test, and will be included on our website.

What You Can Expect From Us

Team members will be given the product to beta test based on your requirements.   The products will be tested for a specified period of time and a detailed report will be written and provided to you. We score on a sliding scale from 1 to 5 in the following four categories:

  • functionality
  • ease of use
  • pricing
  • durability

Once reviews are complete, you will be provided our reviews in full with an opportunity to respond to any questions or issues. The completed reviews and your responses will then be posted on our website.

DIVA WOW R&D Program

DIVA Recommended Program

DIVA Recommended Products are products bought and used by our members.

These recommended items have been used in the field by our membership. All recommended products are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. This rating is based upon functionality, ease of use, pricing and durability just like the DIVA Approved program, and will undergo rigorous testing by DIVA members. Those products receiving the highest ratings will receive the DIVA RECOMMENDED certificate. A jpeg certificate will be sent to the manufacturer or distributor for use on their website and for advertising purposes.

Are you a DIVA that wants to recommend a product or service?

Fill out our product review form! Once we receive your report, the Research and Development team will review your report. Send accompanying photos to the Wiz for posting on the website.