NRA Women on Target™ Postals

Attention all Divas! The NRA Women On Target Postal Matches are in need of your participation!

What are Postal Matches? Postal Matches are a means for participants to compete against each other in a formal match setting without having to leave their home range.

How do I get started? Get your registration filled out and turned in ASAP. You can download the registration form directly from the Women’s Program area on the NRA website or you can contact Marietta Johnson (Diva WOW League Director) by email:

What do I shoot? There are several matches open for you. You can shoot Pistol (.22 cal or Centerfire – or both), Rifle (.22 or High Power), and Shotgun (Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays). You can register for single events, multiple events, or all of them. Your registration must include your check or credit card # to cover all the events you are registering for. If you want to pay in cash, please contact Marietta to make arrangements.

When do my scores have to be submitted? All scores must be postmarked by December 27th. Scores must be reported by current NRA members (see rules for requirements).

How do I find out about what the course of fire is for a specific match? That information is covered in the rules governing the WOT postal matches which can be found on the website. (Marietta also has copies of the rules too!) Time is running short!

We  received an email this morning from the NRA Program Coordinator. Here is what she said: “All Postal programs are under review for participation. If we can’t get the participation numbers up, programs will be deleted.” Don’t let the women’s ONLY postal matches be eliminated due to a lack of participation! This is a great way to practice and compete against other women across the country. You don’t have to be a perfect shot to compete – your participation is what counts the most! If you have any more questions, please contact Marietta

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