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Shooting Leagues are the Place to Be

If you’re wondering how to get motivated to pack up your gun and gear and head to the range, one of the easiest ways is to join a shooting league. Some of the best advice for starting any new habit is to do it with other people, who in turn come to depend on you to be there to shoot with them. (NSSF – by Barbara Baird)

The Right Way: 9-Year-Old Accidently Shoots Instructor - CW33 NewsFix

A day at an Arizona gun range turned deadly after a nine-year-old girl, learning to shoot an Uzi, a full automatic gun, accidentally shot her instructor. We spoke to gun experts from the DIVA Women Outdoors Worldwide organization about teaching kids gun safety. When teaching kids, they say a slow approach is a smart one.

NHF Day and Yamaha Announce Live It! Grant Recipients

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.  – National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHF Day) and the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative partnered to promote a grant program called the NHF Day Live It! grants.  With many applicants through the program, 13 were chosen to receive the Live It! Grants. DIVA WOW is proud to announce we were one of them!

Support Women in Shooting Sports - Texas Gun Show Review

Ever since I’ve been involved in shooting sports, I’ve been interested in supporting and encouraging women, young and old, to take charge of their own defense…That is why I strongly support the DIVA WOW organization.  As it happens, the Divas are holding two events in the near future that may be of interest.

Gun Club Takes Aim at Empowering Women - Newsfix CW33

Talk about packing some real heat! The ladies of Diva Wow have a blast at target practice; they sparkle and shine while taking aim at empowering women.  “When I tell men that’s what I was going to do they kept saying, ‘A woman can’t do it.’ We’re in all 50 states and 18 foreign countries,” said founder Judy Rhodes.

DIVA WOW hosts ‘How to Select a CHL Holster’ clinic - The WON

Dallas, Texas – May 30, 2014 – DIVA WOW and Chris Rainey of ProActive Defense will host a unique event, “How to Select a CHL Holster for Women,” on Sat., June 21, at Quail Creek Shooting Range in Argyle, Texas. The goal of this event is to introduce 90 women to different methods of concealed carry and to allow them opportunities to “try before they buy.”

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