#HuntingwithJR – Goose Hunting

Tip – Goose Hunting

Geese are unique among bird species. All birds replace their feathers, in many species, happens on an as needed basis. Geese replace their flight feathers all at once in summer, at which time they are flightless. Molting is a risky maneuver, after all, the ability to fly is one of a bird’s best defense to avoid predators. Geese have ways of dealing with this problem, they flock together and seek open areas where they can see predators coming.

If you are mounting geese, best to harvest your prize goose when the feathers are in full plumage.

Judy Rhodes

Judy Rhodes, the Voice of Women in the Outdoors is an outdoor visionary and mentor to women and youth in the outdoors. Judy is the Founder of DIVA ... Women Outdoors Worldwide and is an avid hunter, angler and in promoting women in the outdoors.
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