Connecting with Women Worldwide

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It’s easy to start a DIVA area in your town!

Who are the DIVAs?

DIVAs are women just like you. And their numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. In every location nationwide there are women of all ages that want to join a sisterhood like ours. They’re reaching out and they need us. They want to learn a skill. They  want to feel empowered. They want to know that they aren’t alone.

The mission of DIVA-WOW is to help, teach, support  and encourage women and show them the thrill and enjoyment of shooting, archery, shing and the great outdoors in a woman friendly, non-threatening, supportive environment.

Women shooters and women in the outdoors are the fastest growing sports related marketplace today. For  every one woman we introduce, she brings seven!

Everyone wants to be a DIVA! Don’t you?

Let your outdoor voice be heard!™

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What does it take to become a DIVA? Simply sign up on our website, and become a member. Tell us what activities you are interested in. That’s it. And then let the fun begin! But it doesn’t end there. Join in and learn new and exciting outdoor activities and help us create new events near you! Gain leadership and personal growth through volunteering for many positions available throughout our organization.

Join! Participate! Volunteer!™

Participate with Us

Group therapy is the best motivator a woman can possess. Join and participate. Learn a skill! Get involved. The more you do the more fun it is. There are women out there, just like you, seeking to discover new outdoor activities. That’s not going to happen from the couch! Come play! That’s what we’re here for. You don’t have to participate in everything but come to what you can. You’ll be glad you did!

Being a DIVA WOW Liaison is easy! Just YOU +2!

Want to know more? Sure you do! Contact us, and we’ll help you get growing in your neck of the woods!

The trick to being a DIVA WOW National Liaison? The ability to love, grow, support and enjoy a group of women just like yourself that is on a path of discovery, learning and personal growth. So grab a couple of friends and head out to the local range and encourage other women who pop in to join you! It really is that simple.

Types of Area Activities

Handgun Leagues
Shotgun Leagues
Archery Leagues
Shooting Clinics
Flyfishing Clinics
Dutch Oven Cooking
Equestrian Events & Rides
Wine Tastings
Group Hunts
Zip Lining
Rock Climbing
Amusement Parks

The possibilities are endless!

Volunteer This Year

Help a little, or help a lot. Volunteering your time and gifts to bring other women into this dynamic sisterhood is even more rewarding than participating. Remember how it felt to learn something new? Share that sense of accomplishment with your sisters! Clinics, shoots, leagues, special events – all need a team to make it happen. We want your talents and gifts! Share them!

What? DIVAs aren’t in your neighborhood? Make it happen! It only takes you plus two. Where there’s a DIVA gathering, more will come. Leadership positions are open all over the country and we want you to help! You don’t have to know it all, you just have to volunteer.

It costs nothing to be a DIVA Liaison, and we don’t require quotas. Being a DIVA Liaison takes a little time, and a little effort, and a whole lot of fun. That’s it!


How to Get Started

Take your enthusiasm to the highest level and start a DIVA movement in your state or city.  With copious help from all your sisters at national headquarters you’ll be up, running and having a ball. You don’t have to be an instructor, and you can be a new DIVA. It just takes an open heart, a willing spirit and some coordination to make it happen. It’s easy.

Every area is different and brings its own special personality to the DIVA family.  Your style and the personalities of your ladies are what make it fun.

Contact Cynthia Desch,
International Liaison Coordinator at or

Mardi Campbell
National Liaison Coordinator at