miz macs shooting vest

MizMac Women’s Shooting Vest

MizMac shooting vests are specially designed for women shooters!  They conform to a woman’s body comfortably and allow the shooter to properly mount a shotgun quickly without snagging on clothing.  These vests are best suited for sporting clays, trap, and skeet, and come in a pleasing set of colors that appeal to many different tastes. …

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57 peaks leggings

Wild Lifestyle Leggings

Sportswear leggings for the active ourdoors woman.  Leggings are available in assorted wildlife prints:  African, Marine Life,  Aurora Borealis, Waterfowl, American Bison, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Honey Comb, Bald Eagle, Bog Cranberry, Brown Bear Paw, Cable and Stone, and Celtic Cross Blossoms.

First Tactical Cotton Socks

First Tactical Cotton Duty Socks

The First Tactical Cotton Duty Sock incorporates a quick drying material which provides good moisture wicking properties when worn with boots.  There is an elastic band around the top which prevents the socks from sagging or bunching even when moving rapidly while wearing them.  There is additional cushioning in the sole to provide comfort when …

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