The Gun Box 2.0 Handgun Safe

diva approved
diva approved

Function - What it's used for and how we used it

The Gun Box is a gun safe which uses biometric technology to allow quick and easy access to firearms while maintaining a secure means to keep handguns out of reach from unauthorized people or children.

It is programmable for multiple fingerprint access and also allows the option to use a key fob or an RFID card (2 of each included with the Gun Box).

The safe is predrilled for cable attachment and is equipped with a motion alarm in the event that someone tries to pick it up.

Where to Buy

Quality - How well did it hold up during use, or how well was it constructed?

The Gun Box can accommodate a variety of handgun sizes up to approximately 8 inches with enough room for spare magazines or an additional handgun if needed.

It is compact and unobtrusive in appearance and not easily identified as a gun safe allowing it to be placed on a nightstand or in another easily accessible location without sacrificing security. It can be further secured by a cable (not included) if desired but the motion alarm is loud enough to discourage someone from picking it up and moving it without detection.

Our Results - The final word on our experience

We were impressed by how easy it was to access a handgun even in low light conditions, as well as the slick appearance of the Gun Box allowing it to be openly displayed and still very secure. It felt lightweight but durable and seemed to be well constructed.

The batteries powering the Gun Box last up to three months and a power adapter is included. There are also two USB charge ports on the device.

The Gun Box is FAA approved for transportation and has been rated in the Top 10 gunsafes by the gun community.

Overall, we were really impressed with the quality and security of the Gun Box.

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