diva approved
diva approved

Function - What it's used for and how we used it

Gunslickers are waterproof coverings made to protect your firearms from sudden rainstorms which can possibly damage your nice fancy guns when you are out in the field or on the range.  They function like a “gun poncho” and come in a handy portable drawstring bag with a carabiner for easy attachment to a belt or a gun bag loop.  They are very compact and lightweight making them easy to take along on your travels.  There are several sizes available to accommodate pistols, rifles, shotguns, and AR style rifles.

Where to Buy

Quality - How well did it hold up during use, or how well was it constructed?

Gunslickers are made from a rugged weatherproof fabric which can endure just about any type of wear and tear in the field. They are particularly useful in hunting situations when sudden changes in weather could potentially ruin a good day.

Gunslickers have a drawstring attachment which can be pulled up around the gun and protect any exposed area from moisture, and when the storm passes, it is fairly easy to repack the Gunslicker in it’s storage pouch.

Our Results - The final word on our experience

I got to test the Gunslickers during a particularly rainy day during one of our shooting clinics and I was very happy that we had several of them to cover up some of our loaner guns. We actually packed two guns in each slicker that day since we had more guns than we had protective covers. After about an hour, the sun was back out and we took the guns back to the firing line and they were all perfectly dry!

It was so easy to repack these protective covers and store them back in our gear boxes. We now make sure to have these whenever we go to the range or take our guns into the field. I keep one in my gun bag all the time!

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