First Tactical Cotton Duty Socks

diva approved
diva approved

Function - What it's used for and how we used it

The First Tactical Cotton Duty Sock incorporates a quick drying material which provides good moisture wicking properties when worn with boots.  There is an elastic band around the top which prevents the socks from sagging or bunching even when moving rapidly while wearing them.  There is additional cushioning in the sole to provide comfort when wearing these socks for extended periods of time.

Where to Buy

Quality - How well did it hold up during use, or how well was it constructed?

These socks are made from 62% cotton, 5% nylon, 28% spandex, and 5% rubber. They are well stitched and made to last for numerous machine washings and drying.

The S/M size will fit women’s shoe sizes 6-10.

The 9 inch socks, which fit the best under boots, are only available in 3 packs, but once you wear them, you won’t mind the extra pairs!

Our Results - The final word on our experience

I have worn these socks several times in the field and at work and I LOVE them! They were extremely comfortable to wear under my snake boots even after long hard hours in the field. I also wore these at work several times and they have become some of my favorite everyday socks to wear!

After I did my initial field testing of these socks, I immediately ordered some more. They have held up extremely well and I highly recommend these for anyone looking for a quality comfortable sock to wear under boots.

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