Range and Product Reviews

DIVA Approved & Recommended

The DIVA Research and Development program provides an excellent benefit to our members and industry manufacturers who want to get their products in front of a ready audience. We take products to the field and put them through their paces. Are they women friendly? Are they beneficial to our members?  Would we recommend them to our best friends? Do you have a product you'd like our team to test? 

Product reviews and testing are a huge benefit to our members. When manufacturers and retailers ask us to test a product, we go to the field and thoroughly test to ensure that it fits our rigid standards. If a product meets our requirements, we give it the DIVA Approved seal and list our product review here. This is your guarantee that we love it and would let our mom use it.

If you are a DIVA member, have a product you love and would like to recommend, submit a review. Any product tested and highly recommended by a DIVA member receives the DIVA Recommended seal. Submit a review and tell us about products you love.

If you are a manufacturer in the firearms, shooting, hunting, fishing or related industries and would like us to test your product, submit an inquiry form and our Research and Development department will get in touch.

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