Advancing your Marksmanship Skills

Written by Marietta Johnson

What Now?

So, you’ve reached Distinguished Expert and you have reached the pinnacle of shooting, right?  WRONG.  The Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program is a skills development program.  It’s purpose is to make you a better marksman and it’s an “on your honor” system of merit awards.

More Challenges – What do you want to do?

You might have achieved DE in several disciplines and now you are wondering if that’s all there is in the way of challenges.  You should view the Qualification Program as laying the groundwork for everything else you want to build on in your marksmanship skills.  The question you need to ask yourself is “What do I want to do?”.

NRA Women on Target Postal Matches

DIVA WOW has successfully participated in the NRA Women On Target Postal Matches for several years, and many people like to compete in the year-long competition in which you turn in your best scores at the end of the year and vie for top honors across  the nation.

NRA Competitive Matches

For the more competition hungry, there are many formal and informal matches across the area in pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  If you would like information on area matches, the NRA publishes an online magazine called Shooting Sports USA which lists every registered NRA match in the country.  Many local ranges also offer non-registered or club matches for women to shoot.

If you choose to enter into more formal competitions, remember that practice will help alleviate tournament jitters.  The more you practice the match course of fire in your shooting sessions, the more comfortable you will be when you are on the line competing in a real match.

Step Up – Mentoring

What if you don’t really want to compete, but you still want a challenge?  Have you considered mentoring a new shooter?  Throughout the year, DIVA WOW will be promoting NRA courses for our members.  If your interest is to eventually become an instructor or coach, DIVA WOW requires that you take the Basic course in the discipline you want to teach first.  This will aid you in becoming familiar with the program material that you will be teaching.  We will also be offering Range Safety Officer classes this year.  If you are a league leader, or you are interested in starting a new league, it is recommended that you consider taking the RSO course.

Discipline Specialty Clinics

Several “specialty” clinics will be on the DIVA WOW calendar this year including the Archery Clinic at Cinnamon Creek Ranch in May, the Second Annual Youth Clinic on June 27th, the Second Holster Clinic on June 13th at Patriot Protection,  Hunting 101 (July), and the AR 15/3-Gun Clinic in September.  Keep an eye out  on our Facebook and Website pages for announcements  of other events, instructional classes, and fun days as soon as we get them scheduled.

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