Our mission: Helping, Teaching, and Supporting

The mission of DIVA WOW is to help, teach and support  women worldwide in a women friendly, non-threatening, supportive environment by introducing them to shooting sports and a variety of outdoor activities.

Since 1999, DIVA WOW has dedicated its ideas to encouraging and mentoring women and youth in shooting sports.  With successful clinics throughout the USA, we have introduced over 4,000 women and youth to the shooting sports!

DIVA WOW is more than a shooting organization – it is a vehicle for educating women and youth about the outdoors and affords them opportunities for participation in all outdoor activities. We believe our continued efforts will ensure the legacy of the great outdoors™ for many generations to come.

Building upon the DIVA WOW Mission

DIVA WOW is unquestionably the industry leader in women’s outdoor organizations. During the past 15 years, we have introduced thousands of women to the outdoors through our clinics, leagues, adventures, hunts, trade shows, charity events and community outreach. We embody the spirit of sisterhood – teaching women, many for the first time, about the great outdoors and all that it has to offer.

What we do and offer for our members

DIVA WOW introduces women to the outdoors

Classes and Certifications

Classroom instruction, NRA certifications, and basic training skills are offered annually to DIVA WOW members. NRA Shooting Programs were introduced during our 2013 leagues. Earning certificates, patches and rockers on individual merit became a great boost of confidence for our members while developing their shooting skills.

In addition to our shooting programs, we encourage our leadership and members to participate in Certified NRA training programs. In 2013 DIVA WOW had a major increase of ladies earning their Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Instructor certifications.  Plus, many members and spouses also earned their Range Safety Officer certifications.

Increased training benefits our organization and creates a safe, knowledgeable environment of women teaching women!

Annual Road Trips

Each year, we host a members only road trip to world class destinations.  A relaxed atmosphere, side-splitting laughter, and adventurous activities creates a special bonding within our hard working sisterhood.

Our fun-filled, themed weekend includes gourmet meals, costume parties, games, shooting, and a relaxing agenda.

DIVA WOW Clinics

Annual Spring & Fall Shooting and Outdoors Introductory Clinic

Activities of DIVA WOW center around the clinics we hold throughout the year. We introduce women to shooting, archery, fishing and fun in the outdoors like no other ladies only organization.

Our Spring Clinic defines our outdoor mission –  We Introduce Women to the Outdoors. Women and girls learn to shoot pistols, rifles, black powder rifles, BB guns and modern sporting rifles. They learn to cast a fly and pitch a jig. They see the exhilaration of watching hunting and retrieving dogs in action. They bust clays on the shotgun course. Excitement fills the air with slingshots and blow guns…who would have imagined this requires skill?

AHA MOMENTS, felt the very first time on the range, ignite the outdoor passion within.

3-Gun Clinic

An introductory look at the sport of 3 Gun competition. A complementary clinic to our AR-15 clinic, women with an intermediate to advanced experience level with shooting can learn to compete in a new and exciting sport.

Fly Fishing Clinics

Ladies learn about equipment, setup, casting and more at our fly fishing clinics.

Archery Clinics

Learn to shoot compound, traditional, longbow, and recurve bows. Basic archery instruction on the equipment followed by a challenging 3D course, flying targets, and standing targets.

Holster Clinics

Try before you buy holster clinics are the springboard to on body carry. Learning where to carry, and how is one of the most often asked questions among our membership. DIVA WOW was the first to offer these clinics to our members, and they remain some of our most popular due to the value it offers our members and sponsors.

Shotgun Clinics

Always striving to help, teach and support our members to improve their shooting skills, we host several clinics throughout the year specifically for members only. Held in various locations throughout the USA, we teach basic and advanced shotgun shooting skills, including trap, skeet and sporting clays.

Always a popular sport for ladies, our shotgun clinics are highly valued among our membership, and for good reason!  We have exceptional and dedicated instructors!

DIVA WOW Shotgun clinics

A wide variety of clinics planned for this year

Fly Fishing
Spin Casting
Advanced Handgun
Tactical Pistol
Shotgun Skills:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Sporting Clays
Rifle Marksmanship
Long Range Rifle
Dog Days
Slingshot & Blowgun

See the need, Meet the need

While our primary goal is to introduce women to the outdoors, we are challenged to address the needs of women who have mastered our basic programs by providing advanced instruction and clinics in specific fields. Providing such opportunities results in SOLD OUT EVENTS.

As our membership and organization grow it is our duty to meet the requirements of women in the outdoors. Whether new or life members, our members have a yearning for outdoor enjoyment, serious competition, and skills they can teach to their friends and families. For 15 years we have succeeded in meeting this demand.

You, too, can help support us in this mission

DIVA WOW extends an enormous thank you to the many people, businesses, and organizations who help us in so many ways to fulfill the mission we have set. We would love for you to join us and them in accomplishing the varied activities we have planned for 2014/2015.

With Gratitude to our Sponsors