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Our mission is to teach every woman about living an outdoor lifestyle in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Don't YOU want to be a DIVA?

About DIVA WOW - Learn to Shoot

We Introduce Women to the Outdoors

Learn to shoot in a safe, fun, and respectful environment. Join in on our all women shooting leagues, fun multi-disciplined clinics, and in-depth classes on a variety of shooting and outdoor subjects and help DIVA WOW in our mission to help, teach and support women in the outdoors

You want to learn more about shooting, fishing, archery and other outdoors activities. Easy! Attend our shooting clinics, fishing and other classes, handgun and shotgun leagues and nationwide events we host each year.

Women like you who are introduced to shooting and the outdoors in a fun, safe environment become champions of the DIVA WOW mission and encourage more women just like us - women who want to feel accepted and respected in a male dominated sport - to join and learn more about shooting and the outdoors. 

Our all volunteer organization has introduced thousands of women to shooting and the outdoors. As women who are passionate about this way of life, we embody the spirit of sisterhood – teaching women, many for the first time, about the great outdoors and all that it has to offer.

Women may come to us to learn to shoot, but our goal is to be a vehicle for educating women and youth about the outdoors and afford opportunities for participation in a wide variety of outdoor activities. We believe our continued efforts will ensure the legacy of the great outdoors for many generations to come. Won't you just us?


Fly Fishing

Fishing clinics, fishing trips, and fly tying lessons are just some of the things we offer women who want to learn the intricate art of fly fishing.

Rifle Marksmanship

Whether through the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program or participating in a 3-Gun clinic, DIVA members and clinic participants learn a great deal about the little black gun.

Shotgun Showcases

Ladies get the opportunity to try out a variety of different shotguns and test drive a variety of disciplines like sporting clays, trap & skeet, and more.

Sporting Dogs

Our members participate in many dog disciplines like agility, field trials, obedience, dock jumping, and hunting training. Dogs are truly a DIVAs best friend.

Pistol Leagues & Clinics

Our pistol leagues and clinics are world famous and are a staple in our arsenal of yearly events. Learn, practice and improve pistol marksmanship - at any level.

Hunting 101

Our leagues and clinics are a precursor to utilizing marksmanship and gun handling skills to taking them out to the field. We offer a variety of women only and family hunts.


Annual archery clinic combined with public archery shoots enable women who like to shoot a bow to learn about the marksmanship and skills required to be proficient in archery.

Socials and Trips

Among all of our outdoor activities, girls will be girls. We host an annual 3 to 4 day DIVA road trip for our members (this year a cruise!) as well as social events throughout our areas.

NRA Certification & CHL Classes

We encourage all of our members to further their knowledge and skills. We offer NRA (instructor, range officer) certification and CHL classes throughout the year.

Meet Your Tribe

Judy Rhodes, Founder DIVA WOW

Judy Rhodes

DIVA WOW is a unique all volunteer organization. It’s not what we do as an organization…it is why we do it! There is no greater love than to introduce women and youth to the great outdoors.
barbara parks

Barbara Parks

Members all have their personal reasons for joining DIVA WOW, sharing a common goal of conservation and learning more about shooting, fishing and the great outdoors is why we come together. We have become Sisters for a life time.
Marietta Johnson League Director

Marietta Johnson

Programs Director
There is no greater reward for me as an NRA Instructor than when a beginner smiles after hitting a target for the very first time.
cheryl long communications

Cheryl Long

Communications Director
Sharing my passion of shooting shotguns, handguns and rifles with new shooters has been an exciting ride. I’ve learned an incredible amount of skills and have been able to pass that knowledge and experience on to women and youth through our clinics and fun days on the range.
paula truitt membership

Paula Truitt

Membership Director
After going through more major life changes, ie. divorce, empty nest and re-marriage, I was feeling alone and out of place. You could say the DIVA’s gave me back my life. I love my DIVA sisters. Someone is always there to lend support and teach you anything in the outdoor sports that you want to learn. I wouldn’t want to be without them.
Special Events

Anginette Jorrey

DIVA WOW came into my life a very pivotal time…deciding WHO I wanted to be & WHAT I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  Could not imagine how vital an outdoor Sisterhood would mean.  A Sisterhood like no other…I am blessed

Shotgun Showcase

Sherrie Lewis

DIVA WOW helps women succeed with new skills in a safe-environment while making great connections with a diverse group of women.

Liaison Development

Mardi Campbell

DIVA WOW is not just an ordinary women’s organization but truly a Sisterhood of amazing caring women who I know will always be there for me no matter what.


Sara Lauer

Being a member of DIVA WOW I have found good friends to go hunting with and enjoy the outdoors.  The DIVAs are a huge part of why I am the ME I always wanted to be.

Research & Development

Pat Bullard

I have life-long friends within the Sisterhood of DIVA WOW. Passing on my love of the great outdoors has given me great pleasure. So glad my husband, Glen found my Tribe.


Kimberly Pennick

DIVA WOW is an organization full of fun and offers hands-on clinics about the outdoors to women and youth. Judy is an inspiration to me and has helped me follow my dream. DIVAs have made a huge difference with women all over the world.


Dawn Divinia


Brittany Malone

Learn To Shoot, Fish, Hunt and So Much More

Learning something new doesn't have to be scary or intimidating. Feel empowered and accomplished with skills that matter. Learn more about firearms and living a life outdoors with a fun group of your new best friends. We can't wait to meet you!

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