DIVA WOW Annual Conference

A Path to Greatness

It wasn’t long ago that I sent out a challenge to all DIVAs at the annual meeting in March of 2014.  The last words of my acceptance speech as President, were this:

“I present to you a new opportunity to be greater.  It is to learn, to teach… to follow, to lead… to serve and to be served.  This is DIVA…WOW.  You see, some people spend their entire lives looking for one moment, to be their personal victory.  I challenge you to spend the next two years with me, looking for every opportunity to go from greater to greatness. This organization is going to be the greatest and we already have an opportunity to experience this very moment of its journey.  Take the opportunity, seek it out and enjoy its successes.”

If you weren’t able to make the annual meeting, you missed a great time!  We conducted business as is required by our by-laws, we met new sisters, we rekindled friendships, and we set our sights on new goals.  Our past leadership has set us on a path to greatness, just look at those who have served our organization from day one.  They continue to have a heart and a passion for introducing generations to the outdoors.  They are teaching, they are serving, but the best part: they are being served and they continue to learn!

The heart of this organization is just that – learn, teach, follow, lead, serve and be served.  My challenge to you is to look inside of yourself and understand that your life experiences will make us a greater organization.  We need you to step up and be an integral part of this community of outdoor sisters!

Don’t think you have it in you to be a leader?   I challenge you to test your skills.  We are no stronger than the weakest and we are here to make sure you get to greatness.  Look for your opportunity as a DIVA to achieve what you thought you never could achieve.  And when you need help, you will find it.  We will never leave a sister behind!  What you put into this organization, so shall you receive.  Go ahead…stretch you arms wide and take it all in to be greater- greatness is on the horizon!

Article by Penni Nelson

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