Discover your outdoor passion! DIVA membership introduces women to the outdoors. From handgun, rifle, shotgun and archery leagues right in your backyard, to African safaris, DIVA WOW provides our membership with nonstop opportunities to learn about all things outdoors.


Membership to DIVA WOW provides opportunities to learn outdoor skills and meet new best friends while participating in clinics & leagues nationwide. Attend a clinic, join a league, go on a hunt. Learn skills you’ve always wanted to have, but didn’t know where to go and have a rip-roaring good time with your friends.


Our mentoring programs empower women to become involved in a supportive outdoor lifestyle with a sisterhood environment. Passing on outdoor knowledge is a gift we generously give the next generation.


Industry Sponsorship, monetary and in-kind donations provide needed funds for DIVA WOW to develop women’s outdoor programs and opportunities. Economically priced clinics are structured so hundreds of women can participate. Our dedicated volunteer ONLY organization is 501(c)3.

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The DIVA Paper to Plate™ program provides members an opportunity to learn to shoot and harvest their own game. TAKE THE SURVEY NOW! (Hunter Safety Certificate Required – Members Only)

Let Your Outdoor Voice Be Heard!™

DIVA WOW provides shooting activities for our members to participate year round. Pistol Leagues, Rifle Leagues, Shotgun Leagues with emphasis on Winchester/NRA Qualification Programs. Our membership has the largest numbers of Distinguished Experts within our ranks.

We also participate in NRA Women on Target Postals, National Charities Shoots and Celebrity Hunts. We encourage our members to acquire individual & team recognition.

53 Million Women

Over 53 million outdoor women seek and respect our opinion. DIVA WOW introduces women worldwide to outdoor skills. We are featured on international, national & local tv, magazines and radio.

Research & Development

DIVA WOW Research & Development Team beta test new products for manufacturers geared toward women in the outdoors. From Ammo to Zippers™  we thoroughly test, use and hit the field with each and every product provided to give the best evaluation of outdoor products. ONLY products awarded 5 Stars receive a DIVA Seal of Approval.


Women are the fastest growing segment of outdoor involvement. Our monthly clinics have produced a 43% increase in participation and membership. Women are seeking information, instruction & training in the great outdoors and DIVA WOW delivers.


Reflecting Women in the Outdoors

With Gratitude to our Sponsors