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Becoming a DIVA Member

Discover your outdoor passion! DIVA membership affords women the opportunity to socialize with an outdoor, supportive sisterhood of like minded women who are passionate about shooting, hunting and the outdoors. Being a member is being a part of something great…teaching and learning, supporting and helping women discover new hobbies, new adventures, and empower them to be independent, strong, and steady voices for the outdoors, the 2nd amendment, and for women worldwide. And it’s easy, just sign up!

Volunteer Your Skills

Being a DIVA member is about learning and then, giving back. Take from the opportunities, clinics and classes and then give back. We are an all volunteer organization and are dependent on strong leadership within our ranks. No matter your skills, walks of life, income, or age, there is a volunteer opportunity for you. We need it. We depend on it. Give back to other women in your area and help teach them. It’s what we do. Women helping, teaching and supporting…more women in the outdoors.

Let Your Outdoor Voice Be Heard!™

DIVA WOW provides many activities for our members and women in the communities we live. From shotgun, rifle, pistol, holster, and archery clinics to our popular Spring 'sampler' clinic our growth depends on our clinics and the sponsors that support them. If your business is looking for opportunities to capitalize on the growing female market, DIVA WOW and all of the women we support, are looking for you. We have leagues, clinics, specialized clinics, and training classes for our members all year long. We are the women you are looking for!

20 Million Women

DIVA WOW introduces women to outdoor skills, firearm and hunting knowledge, provides services, products and destinations to help teach women about the great outdoors. Over 20 million outdoor women seek and respect our opinion. We are the largest women’s ONLY outdoor organization meeting the needs of women worldwide.

Research & Development

The Team DIVA Research and Development Team beta tests new products for manufacturers geared toward women in the outdoors. From ammo to zippers, we thoroughly test, use, and hit the field with every product provided to see how well it works for women in the field. Our membership, participants, and manufacturers gain valuable insight into the research we perform.


2014 was a successful year for DIVA WOW, with membership and clinic participation increasing over 30%. Women are seeking firearm and outdoor information, instruction, and training and DIVA WOW delivers. Women are participating more and more in outdoor activities, an increase of nearly 40% from previous decades. DIVA WOW is ahead of this trend and is meeting the demand.